About Dr. David Shalom

Dr. David Shalom is the Managing Director of SMC – Strategic Management Consultants, since 1990. He is a lecturer of public and business administration in various institutions. Dr. Shalom also acts as strategic and organizational counselor for local authorities, industrial and commercial companies, and other public and private organizations. David also serves as a personal coach for executive and senior management. His expertise includes: organizational innovations, organizational development, strategic planning and decision making processes.


  • Ph.D. in Political Science, Bar Ilan University – "Local Government Decision Making: Characteristics of Decision Making Processes in Local Government in Israel (Jewish Cities)" see executive summary
  • M.A. in public administration, The Hebrew University (cum laude)
  • B.A. in political science and international relations, The Hebrew University

Professional Experience

  • Consultant to various municipalities in Israel and to corporate in the Israeli market
  • Designer, tutor and mentor of tailor made workshops for a wide range of companies and for big scale entities in the public sector
  • Lecturer at a variety of universities
  • Assistant to the general manager of The Ministery of Absorption
  • Parliamentary assistant in the Israeli Kneset

publications (books)

  • how to make an organizational innovation? – the establishment of the ground forces command in the I.D.F. 1995 , the college of administration (232 p.)
  • collection of sources in organization and management (a + b) (ed.) 1992, the college of administration (285, 369 p.)

publications (articles)

  • "organizational motivation. Approaches and practical means", managers, 38, 3/1991
  • "corporattism – a forced process or a natural necessity of the modern state", managers, 39, 40. 4-5/1991
  • "the nature of the organizational innovation", managers, 44. 10/1991
  • "organizational motivation and developing the management of the local government", managers, 46, 47, 48, 12/1991 1-2/1992
  • "organizational motivation and developing the business", industry and management ,29, 1994
  • "growth or parachuting in management – a dilemma of advancement",human resources, 1-2-3/1996
  • "planning and `coordinating planing` – another means to achieve goals in management" ,human resources, 8/2000
  • "participatio in decision making process", Human Resources, 2/2005
  • "Leadership and Decision-Making – Strengths and Weaknesses of Israeli
    Local Government Leaders", Human Resources, 1-2/2011
  • "Finding the right CEO and the interactions with the controlling shareholders", Human Resources, 12/2014
  • Local Leadership and Decision-Making:
    Strengths and Weaknesses of Local Government Leaders (Israeli cities) click to view
  • The influence of politician-administrator interactions on decision making in
    local government in Israel click to view 

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